First General Meeting of the Australian Slacklining Association – 7.30 pm 26th June 2019

The Australian slackline community is about to take its first steps into uniting at a national level.

Why now? The slacklining and highlining community is growing, as can be seen by the continued success of the Blue Mountains Highline Gathering, Mount Arapiles Highline Gathering, and now Australia’s newest addition, Qld’s Greville Highline Gathering. With this comes the attention of land managers and the responsibility for us to be pro-active in maintaining access to our parks and reserves; which has been highlighted by the recent and ongoing climbing restrictions that are occurring within the Grampians.

When it comes to protecting access rights for our sport there is a lot of work to be done, from building our slackline access fund, legitimising our community as valid stakeholders in plans impacting outdoor recreational spaces, establishing channels of communication in order to be heard on land access issues, drafting management policies that pertain to the sustainability of our limited slacklining areas, and providing input on state and local government plans and policies as they pertain to outdoor recreation.

The association will also give us a great opportunity to support our fellow slackliners throughout Australia, by fostering safe practices in all forms of slacklining, building the community by supporting beginners transitioning into the sport, and promoting and supporting slacklining events.

The purpose of the meeting is to endorse a constitution, elect interim office holders, pass resolutions to incorporate and set up a bank account.

All who attend the meeting, and those who vote by proxy, will be the first members of the association.

A conference call will be established for the meeting. To join the call list please contact Trent Williams on the Skype Username: trentkw.

*** Sydney Location ***
– Address: Sydney Uni (TBA) Please contact Kat Horton for more information

*** Brisbane Location ***
– Address: Gardens Riverside West End, 60 Rogers St, West End.
– We are meeting in the Belvedere Room in Rise Building. Access is via the central garden. To get here come to the front of the building and call Trent Williams.
– Parking: On street parking is limited however there are a few spots in visitors parking downstairs. You will need to be buzzed in.
– Arrive at 7.00 pm to allow sign-ups etc so we can start right on 7.30 pm.
– Skype Username: trentkw

Hope to see you there!

Trent Williams

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